Oct 21 2009

England~ September 14th

Lindsay Keen

Monday morning was spent at the Victoria and Albert Museum, a particular favorite of costumers. There we viewed many examples of historic clothing from the 18th Century to modern times. After perusing the museum for several hours, a group of us made the trek to Southwark with our friend, Suzi Clarke, to see her own fascinating collection of historical clothing and theatre reproductions. We ended the day by returning to The Globe Theatre for an excellent performance of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”. After the performance, we walked out into the cool night air and as the theatre is located on the edge of the Thames, some of us couldn’t resist dipping our feet into the Thames River – despite the chilly temperatures.

Our lovely hostess, Jennie Chancey of Sensibility Patterns.
Our lovely hostess, Jennie Chancey of Sensibility Patterns.
A striking sculpture in the V&A.
A striking sculpture in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Suzi Clarke’s collection of historical clothing and theatre reproductions was fascinating and we were actually allowed to handle the clothing and inspect all the details. Oh, and did I mention that Suzi is also an excellent cook and hostess? During our visit, she graciously served Tea (a lite meal) to our party of ladies, and even included some gluten-free options for the ladies with wheat allergies.


The lovely tea set out by Suzi.

Our delightful time at Suzi’s over, we headed back to The Globe Theatre , also located in Southwark, for the evening performance of As You Like It. Sadly, we were not allowed to take pictures during the performance. Below is a photo taken earlier in the week showing where we stood to watch the play.

Our first stop Saturday was a visit and tour of Shakespear's Globe Theatre.

The view from where I stood during the performance. If you ever make it to The Globe, go for the 'groundling' area. You get to stand the entire time, but you have the best view in the house!

Outside The Globe Theatre – Cari, Amanda, and Cassie (or Cassie and the Flynns, as they were more commonly known) waiting for the doors to open.